Bethany Applegate

Outreach Manager

Bethany is WRFI’s Outreach Manager. Charged with letting the world know about WRFI, Bethany coordinates with WRFI staff, planning visits to college campuses across the country to meet with students, professors, and advisors. When not travelling for WRFI, she is in Missoula at WRFI Headquarters, planning recruiting trips, getting the word out about WRFI, and trying to figure out ways to get back into the field. After years of instructing for WRFI, she appreciates her current role with the organization, working to usher the next generation of WRFI students onto courses. Bethany graduated from Colorado College in 2000 with a degree in environmental history, and completed her Master’s degree from the University of Montana’s environmental studies program in May 2005. She occasionally serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Montana in both the Environmental Studies department and the Davidson Honors College. When she’s not talking about WRFI with a prospective student, Bethany enjoys all the natural wonders Missoula has to offer with her son and husband. Bethany can be reached at