Kit Collins

Campus Representative

My name is Kit Collins and I’m currently attending Northern Michigan University and pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability. I learned about WRFI in my freshmen geography class, and after listening to a five minute spiel from one of the instructors, I knew instantly that I wanted to leap at the incredible opportunity to study in the backcountry. I was a student on the Wild Rockies: Conservation Across Boundaries course during the 2018 summer, and I can honestly say that this experience changed my life. Not only did I get to traverse the beautiful trails of the Northern Rockies and float down the stunning Flathead River, but I got to learn about things that I genuinely care about in a totally hands-on setting. I hope that you’ll decide to engage in this unmatched opportunity and broaden your educational experience by partaking in a Wild Rockies Field Institute course! If you have any questions at all about my time with the program, please don’t hesitate to ask!