Canyon Culture by Lucy Bock

As the first gentle hue of daylight blends with the few stars left over from a chilly night, our fearless leader of the day opens their eyes. They stumble blindly into our outdoor kitchen, bring fresh water from a trickling seep to a boil and wake their sleepy classmates from an undisturbed slumber. Another day

Michael Helton: What is Wilderness?

Our first day of section two on the Colorado Plateau with the Wild Rockies Field Institute (WRFI), we hike five miles into Dark Canyon Wilderness, formerly part of the recently reduced Bears Ears National Monument. Prior to entering Dark Canyon Wilderness, my mind is foggy. Troubles of the past haunt my brain. Loss, uncertainty and

Anna Martone: A Chance to Listen

The crisp morning air pierces the only visible skin on my body, reddening my cheeks as I slowly move from the warmth of my sleeping bag to the cold outside world. Gradually, awareness enters my body as I begin to realize the bathroom isn’t the closest tree, but a code locked door behind which lies