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If your son or daughter is considering participating in a Wild Rockies Field Institute (WRFI) course, you may have some questions or concerns, particularly if he or she has never taken a field course before. You may want to know more about our academic standards, our safety record, or how our course costs compare to traditional college classes. Please browse our website and if your questions or concerns are not addressed, always feel free to contact us.

Parents Often Wonder...

Can my child earn transferable academic credits on a WRFI course?

Academic credit for all Wild Rockies Field Institute courses comes from the University of Montana, recorded on an official transcript with a letter grade for each three-credit course assessed. WRFI welcomes students from schools across North America; from large universities to small private liberal arts colleges, we are happy to work with students and their academic advisors to assist with the credit transfer process. Click here to learn more about earning college credit from a WRFI course.

Who teaches WRFI courses?

WRFI’s instructors balance scholastic expertise, well-developed pedagogical perspectives and a passion for teaching college students with backcountry leadership skills and experience. All WRFI instructors have advanced degrees and Wilderness First Aid certifications.  Beyond those minimum requirements, they come from a wide variety of backgrounds and WRFI is honored and proud that they choose to teach and learn with WRFI students out in the field. Click here to learn more about our team.

How is WRFI different from other off-campus programs?

Today, more than ever, college students have incredible options for field-based education. The benefits of experiential learning are becoming more widely recognized and sought after as a critical component of a liberal arts education. The programs available to college students these days offer a wide variety of experiences, emphases, and opportunities. WRFI is a unique program with the potential to provide a life changing experience. Click here to determine if WRFI could be a good fit for your child.

What is a typical day like on a WRFI course?

The average day-in-the-life of a WRFI student is a combination of academic work (including class time, readings, assignments, discussions, and meetings with guest speakers) and travel in either a backcountry setting from campsite to campsite or in a community to various site visits. No two days are the same on a WRFI course! Click here to learn more about a day in the life of a WRFI student.

What type of logistics are involved in my child participating on a WRFI course?

WRFI is more than happy to help students and their families prepare for their course.  We are here to provide support and guidance that sets your student up for success. Click here to learn more about planning and preparing for a WRFI course.


WRFI has a comprehensive emergency response system in place whenever our students are on a course.  You can contact the organization at any time and we will help guide you through the process of reaching your student.  WRFI’s instructors, staff, and Board of Directors are all trained and equipped to handle emergencies as they arise.

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