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The WRFI advantage.

Our mission
The Wild Rockies Field Institute offers academically rigorous, place-based field courses that develop engaged, informed citizens and strong leaders ...
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Our history
In 1993, three visionary graduates of the University of Montana’s Environmental Studies Graduate Program came together with a new vision for academically rigorous, college-level, field-based education. And the Wild Rockies Field Institute was born....
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Our approach
Experiential education aims to take academic subject matter out of the realm of abstraction and ground it in a tangible and relevant context. A well rounded college education....
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WRFI /wer'fee/ n. & adj.
  1. Acronym and nickname for the Wild Rockies Field Institute
  2. An independent, nonprofit educational organization that offers affordable, high quality, academically rigorous field courses in some of the most beautiful and interesting landscapes in North America. adj.
  3. Characterized by a unique combination of fun, rigor, excellence, adventure, participation, value, team spirit, integrity, responsibility, critical thinking and wildness.

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