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Congratulations on finishing your WRFI course and welcome to the WRFI alumni family! You have now joined the ranks of hundreds of students who have completed a WRFI course. Here in the WRFI office, we are constantly inspired by our alumni and the ways in which you apply your WRFI experience to your lives. From here on out (unless you request otherwise) you’ll hear from us occasionally, and we hope that you will keep us posted on all of your adventures!


Stay in touch

Please keep in mind that the WRFI staff here in the office, your instructors, and your fellow WRFI alumni are fantastic resources! While your course may be over, we hope that the experience will stay with you for years to come. Remember to utilize the connections you have made here with WRFI when you’re dreaming up your next adventure, looking for jobs, or considering further educational opportunities- we’re always happy to chat and chances are someone in the WRFI family has a lead.

We also bet you’ve moved (a few times at least!) since your WRFI course! Please take a quick minute to update us with your new mailing address, phone number and email. We would also love to hear what you’ve been up to since your WRFI course. To update your information, click here.


Once your coursework is complete and your instructors have finished grading, WRFI will submit your final grade/s to the University of Montana. You will receive a letter from your instructors with your grades and instructions for obtaining your transcripts.

The fastest and most secure way to transfer your credits from the University of Montana to another institution is to visit the National Student Clearing House. The processing fee per transcript is $10.00. If you prefer to request your transcripts in person or by mail, visit the University of Montana’s Office of the Registrar’s website.

Become a WRFI campus representative

WRFI alumni often get involved with recruiting students at their home institutions. You are WRFI’s best spokespeople, and we are eternally grateful when our alumni help us recruit the next generation of WRFI students. If you believe in the power of the WRFI experience, please consider joining the team WRFI Alumni Representatives located across the country; contact us at [email protected].

Alumni field internships

WRFI occasionally offers alumni the opportunity to return to WRFI in a leadership capacity as a Field Intern. Whether or not we open internship positions on our courses depends on the needs of the course and our backcountry permits.

Photo sharing

WRFI uses a photo sharing platform called SmugMug to upload and share photos from our courses. After your course, look for an email from the WRFI office about SmugMug and photo sharing. Please share your photos!!!

Blog & Facebook

WRFI’s blog and our Facebook and Instagram pages are both great ways to stay in touch with what’s happening at WRFI. We post frequently and welcome contributions from our alumni!

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