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Earn credit living in your tent.

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At WRFI we believe that thinking critically about your education, what you’re learning and how you’re learning it are fundamentally important considerations; we encourage our students to ask the really big questions…


Prospective Students Often Wonder...

What if I’ve never been backpacking, bike touring, or boating?

There is no backcountry experience required for WRFI courses! Whether you have never slept outdoors or you grew up backpacking, WRFI courses all begin with a comprehensive orientation to backcountry travel/bike touring to start every student off on the same foot. When you complete your course, you will invariably feel empowered to plan your own backcountry/bike touring adventures! Click here to see how else WRFI is different.

Who teaches WRFI courses?

WRFI instructors are exceptional educators who love teaching and are eager to connect with you on a personal level to help you make the most of your education and the WRFI experience. They are also experienced outdoor leaders committed to maintaining safe and conscientious backcountry travel protocols. Click here to meet our team of instructors.

Which course is best for me?

WRFI staff are happy to help you sort through our course options to help you discern which course is the best fit for you! We can also send you additional information and put you in touch with alumni and, in many cases, advisors on your campus who can also help decide which course to choose. Click here to compare courses.

Are there prerequisites?

WRFI does not require academic prerequisites to participate on our courses. Students join WRFI during different stages of their education and from a wide variety of majors.  In fact, WRFI students do not need to be currently enrolled at a college or university to participate on a course. Click here to learn more about earning college credit for a WRFI course.

How do I apply for a WRFI course?

To apply for a WRFI course, please fill out WRFI’s application form.  WRFI has a rolling admissions enrollment process and our courses are open until they fill.  Due to our small course size, it is best to apply early. Click here to apply today!

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