Each year, the Wild Rockies Field Institute uses donations it receives to provide scholarships to as many students as possible. As a donor, it is always nice to see where your donations go and how they have made a difference. The following are some of the young adults who have received recent scholarships from WRFI.

Luke Taylor, 2015 General Scholarship Recipient
Course: Colorado Plateau

“Getting a scholarship for my WRFI course, Colorado Plateau 2015, was a gift I am happy to have received. It was one of the first steps in starting the eye opening experience of attending a WRFI course. The money that I was given helped me to collect gear, buy food, and complete general preparations for the trip. My WRFI experience was one that showed me what education can and should look like, and what I always knew it could be. Learning and living in deserts, forests, canyons, and the ever present WRFI tent, I learned a lot about what it means to interact with the natural world, and be a responsible member of our global community. To this day I am still inspired by the lessons and discussions that I had while hiking and canoeing with my classmates. Scholarship funds are what make experiences like mine possible, and there will never be enough thanks for the gifts that are given to help out students like myself. “

Sabrina Smits, 2014 Matt Thomas Scholarship Recipient
Course: Montana Afoot and Afloat

“Academically, this course has strengthened my professional goals in the sense that I not only see the importance of conservation, as I did before, but now I also feel its importance. After having spent so much time exploring some of the most scenic areas of Montana and studying their meaning to the local communities, I now am intimately aware of the significance these places hold. Thanks to this newfound awareness, I am able to advocate for conservation and the protection of such areas as the Badger Two Medicine with much more conviction and a holistic understanding of the issues. On a more personal level, the WRFI course has helped me to realize that I am capable of much more than I ever dreamed I was. When applying for this course I knew that I was stretching my comfort zone further than I had ever before (I had never been on a backpacking trip before the course). But after its completion I am filled with a confidence and newfound respect for myself, as well as a deep love and appreciation for all that I have learned from my instructors, peers, and the natural world over the last two months. My sincere appreciation also extends to all who have helped make this experience possible for me, through their contributions to the Matt Thomas Scholarship.”