Earn Credit Living in your Tent. Seriously!

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Most people who take WRFI courses are students enrolled at a college or university and take our courses for academic credit. But we also welcome aspiring college students who want to learn the WRFI way before entering university, as well as recent college graduates and graduate students returning to school. Non-students who wish to learn outside of formal academia are also welcome. Many WRFI participants enroll in our courses simply to have an enriching personal experience.

Regardless of your reason for joining us, since 1993 WRFI courses have provided meaningful academic experiences to more than 1,000 students, helping to fulfill society’s need for engaged, informed citizens capable of addressing complex social and environmental issues. WRFI is extremely proud of our alumni network and their legacy of making the world a better place!

WRFI Students…

Care About The Environment
Love Being Outdoors
Seek Adventure
Benefit from Hands-On Learning
Have an Open Mind
Value Community
Come From a Variety of Majors
Ask Big Questions