Matt Baker-White

Executive Director

Matt joined WRFI in 2022 after spending a decade leading field programs and administrating outdoor education nonprofits. Matt grew up in Texas and Massachusetts, exploring the...

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Gail Gutsche

Development Consultant

Gail joined WRFI in January 2022 to serve as Interim Executive Director, while the WRFI Board conducted a nationwide search for its next dynamic leader, Matt...

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Robin Zeal

Administrative Coordinator

Robin (and her dog, Penny) joined WRFI in June 2022 after moving to Missoula to be closer to her grandchildren and their parents. She taught elementary...

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Joe Loviska

Student Experience Manager

A passionate reader of landscape and literature, Joe has been a writer, farmer, mechanic, welder, pedicab driver, guide, gardener, and teacher. After earning a B.A. in...

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Anja Semanco

Marketing Consultant

Anja Semanco is a nomadic writer + freelance communications professional who lives out of a small camper somewhere in the Intermountain West. She brings a decade...

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