Jessie Cubberly

Field Education Manager & Instructor

Jessie Cubberly (she/her) has dedicated her adult life to facilitating intimacy between people and place, driven by the questions: how have we, are we, and can we (as humans) live in relationship to landscape? How can language be a tool of this inquiry? What are the limits of language in our quest for intimacy with the more-than-human world? For the past 13 years, Jessie has designed and implemented experiential-learning programs for all ages while working as a naturalist, a white-water raft guide, backpacking guide, outdoor school curricular consultant, and as a language arts teacher in public high schools. She is a graduate of the Wilderness Awareness School’s year-long adult immersion program, has a Masters in Teaching from Evergreen State College, and a B.A. from the University of Washington. Jessie loves wildlife tracking, birding, navigating landscapes in the dark, and making stuff out of what she finds on the landscape.