January 21, 2013

BenWRFI loves hearing about our alumni’s adventures after their course. Ben Schubert was a student on 2012’s Colorado Plateau: Desert Canyons and Cultures course. This excerpt from an e-mail he sent us shows all the places you can go with a WRFI education!


As outrageous as it sounds I passed up a position as an park ranger/interpretive guide intern at the needles district of Canyonlands from Feb – June. It was hard to turn down another spring in canyon country, and I loved the sound of the job (aside for it being closer to a volunteer position than a paying position), but I believe I made the right choice favoring somewhere I have never spent time.

I moved up to the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska this past Friday. I start work tomorrow. I am an SCA/AmeriCorps environmental ed intern working under US Fish and Wildlife. I will be teaching in local and regional school about river health, riparian restoration, and the greater watersheds present on the peninsula and through the state. I live in  a Fish and WIldlife bunkhouse cabin right on the Kenai Wildlife Refuge but I will work just up the road a few miles in the Kenai Field Office in neighboring Soldotna. Just bought a new camera last week so I am excited to capture this landscape and some wildlife. I will share sometime.

I am extremely excited. I would not be as motivated to do this if it weren’t for all of you WRFI instructors. You especially. Thanks for being there for us last spring and beyond….


Thanks for staying in touch Ben!