Allie Leber

Campus Ambassador

Hi, my name is Allie Leber, and I’m an alumna of WRFI’s 2017 Montana Afoot and Afloat course. I’m also a recent graduate of Temple University in North Philadelphia where I studied anthropology, environmental studies, and religion. I grew up on the edge of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although I love the city of Philadelphia so much, I often found myself wanting to spend more time outside and in nature. I sought every opportunity to get myself out of the classroom and into nature. After stumbling upon an old poster for WRFI on the wall outside an anthropology course, I knew WRFI was a challenge I wanted to experience. This course was an incredible way to learn about the landscapes, ecosystems, and cultures of the Rockies. I’m incredibly grateful for the places this course took me and the people I got to learn from. Prior to this course I had never backpacked for more than 3 days in a row. I came away feeling confident and comfortable in the backcountry. In my free time I love backpacking, hiking, climbing, skiing, and cycling. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions about WRFI or anything else! I love chatting and sharing my WRFI experiences!