Daisy Purdy


As a southwestern transplant hailing from the east coast, Daisy has served as an Ethnic Studies, Sociology, and Native American Studies educator at Northern Arizona University since 2008. Daisy is President of Inclusive Community Consulting (icconsult.org) and her research interests include Contemporary Indigenous Human Rights and Environmental Justice. She attended the University of New Hampshire and University of California in Santa Cruz and was awarded degrees in Cultural Anthropology with minors in Psychology and American Studies prior to completing her M.Ed and Ethnic Studies Graduate Certificate.  She is currently pursuing a PhD in Political Science at Northern Arizona University. Upon completion, she intends to utilize her fancy new title to implement decolonial pedagogies on a global scale. When not confined to the walls of an institutional classroom, Daisy serves as a field instructor for secondary and tertiary students and pursues international travel. She has held an amphibious position with WRFI since 2013 serving in both land-based and water-based instructional capacities.