Danny Margoles


Danny holds a Master’s degree in Geography from the University of Minnesota, where he studied the effects of mountain pine beetle outbreaks on subalpine forests in Montana. He grew up in the north woods of Minnesota but now calls southwest corner of Colorado his home. It was a winding route to Colorado, including botany and dendroecological work, leading trail crews, and spending a handful of years pruning apple trees, making giant pots of soup, and doing other odd jobs while living at Zen centers throughout California. Danny spent a number of (very happy) years teaching a variety of WRFI courses, has coordinated national AmeriCorps programs, and still periodically teaches with the Environmental Studies Department at Fort Lewis College. Since 2018, he has coordinated and facilitated a collaborative group in southwest Colorado focused on advancing forest and watershed restoration work and supporting local communities. Danny is excited to get back into the field with WRFI and lives with his farmer/teacher wife and toddler in Mancos, CO.