Eva Christ


Eva’s chief ambitions are to save the planet and to fix all social injustices, but in the meantime she teaches and guides on the Colorado Plateau. Eva is a Scandinavian- German hybrid who served as a Sociology and Environmental Justice Studies educator, researcher and cross- cultural coach around the globe. Eva holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Sociology from Munich’s Ludwig-Maximilian-University, where she taught and conducted research on sustainable development in various communities.

She became the co-director of a youth organization in Bavaria, developing campaigns and projects to empower youth and the marginalized, addressing climate change and human rights issues. Flagstaff became Eva’s new home in 2012. Her main research interests lie within the human- land relationships and the contemporary Native American and environmental issues on the Colorado Plateau and beyond. When Eva is not held indoors, she teaches outdoor leadership and rock climbing courses, while of course sharing her two passions: wilderness and chocolate.