Jameson Boslough


Jameson is a science educator with a passion for investigating the ways that humans interact with the land, with technology, and with one another. Born and raised in Montana, he had the good luck to have countless opportunities to connect to and learn from its rivers, forests, and mountains. At the University of Montana, he explored his love of sciences through programs in Microbial Ecology, Climate Change Studies, and eventually a M.Ed in Science Education. A wide range of work including ski patrol, conservation and trail work, and teaching science in and out of the classroom have allowed Jameson to continue to broaden his horizons. His interests lie in exploring the numerous facets of the complex and fascinating world around us, especially with questions of how we can best care for one another and the landscapes on a warming planet. Currently, he is a middle school science teacher based in Portland, OR; when he’s not teaching in the classroom or (with any luck) outdoors, you can most likely find him cooking, reading, or planning his next adventure in the forests of Oregon and Montana.