Joe Gallucci

Campus Representative

Hey! I’m Joe! I grew up with my fam in southern Rhode Island and moved up to Burlington, Vermont after high school to pursue a degree in Environmental Science at University of Vermont. I started getting passionate about studying the environment when I was young exploring swamps and beaches as well as climbing lots of trees. My love for the outdoors has pretty much guided my entire life since I was in kindergarten. When I’m not geeking out over ecology, I love climbing and ski touring in the mountains as much as possible.

I was lucky enough in college to have the opportunity to take part in WRFI’s Montana Afoot & Afloat course in the fall of 2018. That semester living in my tent and traveling around Montana taught me so much about the world we live in as well as myself. I cannot emphasize enough how much my understanding of conservation was broadened and strengthened during those couple of months. I hope to pursue a career in conservation science or backcountry guiding after graduation.

Definitely reach out if you have any questions. I am always up for a good chat! 🙂