Katie Nelson

Field Education Coordinator

Katie joined WRFI as a field instructor and has since become WRFI’s Field Education Coordinator. Her job is to support WRFI’s effort to offer one of the most meaningful experiences a young adult can have—one where they feel grounded in their surroundings, open to new experiences, cared for, but empowered to take on challenges and engage as active citizens. To make that happen, she visits with prospective students, coordinates academic curriculum, maintains gear, and prepares instructors for the field. Katie earned her bachelor’s in Global Studies at St. Lawrence University. She worked as wilderness ranger and itinerant wildlife technician studying hawks, bighorn, cougars, and lizards before settling in Missoula. With her graduate degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Montana she examined climate change and wilderness issues in the National Parks. She still teaches in the field for WRFI from time to time and enjoys cultivating relationships between people and the land.