Kerri Rosenstein


Kerri Rosenstein is an interdisciplinary visual artist and collaborates with diverse communities as an educator, facilitator, and creative director. She teaches in academic and alternative education programs – including Pacific Northwest College of Art, Signal Fire’s Wide Open Studios, Caldera Arts, Moving Mountain Institute, and WRFI – and has been a faculty guide for a wide range of field studies organizations. Kerri has dedicated much of the past couple of decades to developing curriculum that cultivates empowered learning, such as in her work with Signal Fire Arts, where she created extensive programming for Wide Open Studios Immersion courses in the American West, a mix of backcountry travels interspersed with community engagement. Kerri’s personal practice tends to be of a contemplative nature, rooted in ecological values. Dedicated to ongoing learning, current research inquiries have led her to studying the sociology of climate change, participating in resiliency trainings, and weaving. In addition to an MFA in Visual Arts and a BA in Psychology, Kerri has trained in facilitation, holistic health and nutrition, permaculture design, and is a Wilderness First Responder.