Kristian Cantens


Kristian grew up in the suburbs of Miami and spent the bulk of his childhood playing video games in air-conditioned rooms. It wasn’t until late adolescence, when he moved with his family to a small Pennsylvania town close to the Delaware Water Gap, that he developed an ecological sensibility and began to care about the wider world around him. In college, he studied philosophy and gravitated towards writings in animal and environmental ethics. After graduating, Kristian travelled the country doing campus outreach for an animal rights group, taught English in Spain, and was eventually accepted into the Environmental Philosophy MA program at the University of Montana. There, he learned that philosophy could strengthen his work as an activist, and that his experiences as an activist could inform and direct his research.

Currently, Kristian is living in Texas, where he’s finishing his dissertation (which is on disagreements about animals and the possibility of moral change). When not writing, he is either running long distances on trails, organizing protests with the local vegans, hand-sewing his own clothes, or by his garden doing his very best to coax the worms off his kale.