Lindsey Falkenburg


Lindsey’s (she/they) life thus far has been marked by the exciting and curious intersections between plants and humans. Growing up on the ancestral lands of the Squaxin people, outside of Olympia, WA they developed a deep love of the lush, wet, mossy landscapes of the Pacific Northwest from a young age. After studying Anthropology and Biology at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon they moved to Flagstaff, Arizona to work for a conservation corps, beginning their ten-year career path as an ecological, reciprocal and community-based restorationist. They worked all over the Southwest and Pacific Northwest building trails, managing invasive species, restoring streams, surveying plants, planting native plants, designing and managing restoration projects and, most importantly, working with young people. Also, during this time they nourished their own wellbeing with thru hikes of the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, Arizona Trail and Colorado Trail, guiding Women Who Hike Trips and by leading mountaineering courses with BOEALPs out of Seattle, WA.

Lindsey now finds herself back in Flagstaff at Northern Arizona University where she is completing a Masters in Sustainable Communities with an intention to graduate in 2024. For her M.A. she is studying how visionary fiction writing can help restoration practitioners deepen their work to address complex systems of domination, like capitalism, colonialism and imperialism, that create environmental degradation, damage and destruction. She harbors the dream of one day starting a restoration cemetery using anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, green burial techniques to inspire and build utopian, social-ecological futures. She is delighted to leverage her experience as a restorationist, outdoorsperson, facilitator and teacher to learn and grow alongside WRFI students this summer!