Steve Edwards


Steve Edwards grew up bouncing among the high plains of Wyoming, Montana’s Yellowstone country, Utah’s sandstone, and the volcanoes of central Oregon. He attributes his bad posture to shouldering heavy backpacks, working underneath old VW’s and Land Rovers, and reading too much French philosophy. An academic argonaut, Steve holds a BA in history and philosophy from the University of Montana, an MA in history and human rights studies from the University of Connecticut, an MA in cultural anthropology from Brandeis University, and a graduate certificate in natural resources conflict resolution from the University of Montana. With an abiding interest in cultural responses to environmental conflict and environmental rights, his research and writing has spanned the spectrum from academic journals to travel magazines.

Steve has worked on the ground in Montana communities focusing on water and land use policy with the Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy, and recently in classrooms at the University of Montana and the University of Botswana. From their home base in Gaborone, Botswana, Steve and his wife Julie explored the wilder parts of east and southern Africa for two years. Steve lives in the shadow of Mount Jumbo in Missoula, Montana where he writes full time for the adventure travel outlet Overlander. He believes the center of the universe lies somewhere just south and east of Capitol Reef National Park, but he can’t say exactly where.