Tina Elderkin

Field Education Coordinator

Tina (she/hers) is excited to work with the team and learning community of the Wild Rockies Field Institute. She first came to the mountains and large landscapes of the West, from the rolling hills, rivers and rock of Appalachia in 2014. Following years of engaged field work in wilderness guiding, environmental education and trail stewardship, she managed an adventure travel company in Alaska and conservation corps program in Northwest Colorado. She is deeply committed to strengthening the connection between environment and community, land and people. She believes in the transformative power of out of doors experience to foster agency, teamwork, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and curiosity. Christina is certified as a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician and CPR/First Aid Instructor.

She enjoys getting off the grid, finding peace in wild remote areas, hiking, biking, and skiing. When she’s not exploring the outdoors, Christina is wielding an exacto knife or paintbrush in an artistic project.