Ben Lebowitz

Campus Ambassador: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Hi there! My name is Ben Lebowitz, and I am a fourth year student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Agricultural/Applied Economics and Environmental Studies. 


Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I was always someone who could not wait all school year to spend two weeks at summer camp, immersed in nature. My love of camp springboarded me into a love for backpacking, camping, and the environment as a whole. 


Currently, I spend my time looking into interdisciplinary environmental issues, specifically focusing on the political economy of commodities and resources. Additionally, I have a bit of an obsessive love for the environmental writing of Aldo Leopold, specifically shown in A Sand County Almanac


While participating in WRFI’s 2021 Environmental Ethics course, I was able to explore incredible natural settings while learning about topics that I am so deeply interested in. Thinking back on my course, I almost cannot believe that I was able to witness this view (pictured below), while crafting my own vision for a sustainable future. These are the types of once in a lifetime experiences that only WRFI can provide. 


Hope to see you in the field!