Dave Morris


Dave graduated from Evergreen State College with a degree in Environmental Studies, and then earned his M.S. in Environmental Studies at the University of Montana. Dave has instructed and guided for many outdoor education programs since 1990. He has traveled and taught in South and Central America, Nepal, Africa, Alaska, New Zealand, and Canada. Dave loves teaching at the college level and offers WRFI students a wealth of knowledge about resource issues, environmental education, and ecology. When not otherwise occupied, Dave is often found skiing, mountain biking, taking photos, or reading High Country News. Dave began teaching for WRFI in 2001 and has also served on the board of directors of WRFI as well as program manager for the organization. As a veteran instructor, Dave has taught nearly every course WRFI offers including Wild Rockies Summer Semester, Cycle the Rockies, Montana Afoot and Afloat and Colorado Plateau.