Emily Quigg

Campus Representative

Hi, I’m Emily. I live in Macungie, Pennsylvania, a small suburban town about an hour outside of Philadelphia. Macungie is conveniently close sections of the Appalachian trail that I have been lucky enough to have hiked most of my life. I currently attend Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and study Secondary Education with a focus in history and minor in geography.

I attended the Wild Rockies: Conservation Across Boundaries course over the summer of 2018. The six week course through the Crown of the Continent was the most exciting and amazing thing I have ever experienced. Learning from guest speakers and being immersed in the continent we were studying has truly changed my entire perspective on education. Despite the content of the course not relating closely to my major I have gained invaluable knowledge both about history and teaching. As a future educator, I now believe that experiential education is essential at all levels of schooling for students to reach their full potential. My WRFI experience continues to challenge me to think in new ways and I am grateful for that.

In my free time I love keeping active by playing ultimate frisbee and intramural soccer and basketball. I also enjoy making new friends and trying new things whenever I can. I would love to talk to anyone about my experience. Please email me if you have ANY questions.