Hannah Baggs


Hannah is from Columbus, Ohio and has always loved unconventional learning spaces. Growing up, she was often found helping out with educational programming at the local art museum or botanical gardens. Later, at Bowdoin College, she kindled her passion for nature and outdoor adventures.While majoring in Earth and Oceanographic Science and Education, she honed her teaching and outdoor skills on island field stations, coastal studies centers, and wilderness expeditions, solidifying her belief that the best learning experiences often happen outside of the classroom.

Post-college, she expanded her educational horizons by teaching environmental science at the Keystone Science School in the mountains of Colorado and leading expeditionary canoe trips for the Chewonki Foundation along the wild and scenic rivers of Maine and Quebec. Since then, she spent five years teaching middle school science in Moab, Utah. She always ensured her middle school science students received immersive outdoor experiences, whether through rafting the Colorado River or conducting plant studies in the woods behind the school. While teaching, she pursued a M.S. in Earth Science from the University of Utah, delving into research on the delta movement of the San Juan and Colorado Rivers in Lake Powell. Now based in southern Utah and the Pacific Northwest, Hannah spends her free time looking at cool rocks, crafting, painting, mountain biking, bikepacking, and packrafting.