Langley Sieve

Campus Ambassador: St. Lawrence University

Hey! My name is Langley Sieve, and I am from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I grew up on the short but sweet coastline of New Hampshire. Growing up I spent a lot of time by the ocean swimming and exploring coastal ecosystems, but as I got older, I found myself yearning to explore other landscapes beyond the coast. When I went to college, I took advantage of opportunities like WRFI where my curiosity for greater exploration flourished.

I am currently in my senior year at St. Lawrence University studying Environmental Studies and Philosophy with minors in Biology and Outdoor Studies. However, without WRFI, my course of study would be drastically different than what it is today. During my first year at St. Lawrence in a general biology class, an instructor from WRFI came to talk to my class about WRFI’s mission and the courses they offer. I was immediately excited by WRFI’s emphasis on exploration and hands on learning. I knew I had to apply. That summer I took the Environmental Ethics course where I was exposed to a variety of landscapes, ethical questions, and mountain goats! During the course I found myself pondering environmental questions on the tops of mountains, next to glacial lakes, and under the dark night sky of Montana. Beyond the course material and the vast landscapes of Montana, I was also introduced to a community that was equally as passionate about outdoor recreation and protection of the natural world as I was. I met friends from all over the country and found instructors that inspired me to continue thinking about the hard questions.

After I returned to school the following fall, my WRFI course was still playing on repeat in my head. I would be sitting in the student center while simultaneous hiking in the Bob Marshall Wilderness or relaxing in my dorm rethinking our class discussion about the distinction between preservation and conservation. Thanks to WFRI, that semester I changed my major to Environmental Studies and Philosophy!

The Wild Rockies Field Institute has been one of the most influential educational experiences I have ever encountered, and I would love to answer any question you have—WRFI related, or not! Please don’t hesitate to reach out!