Maisie Powell

Office Assistant

Maisie spent her youth roaming around the hardwood forests of New England, but always felt a constant pull to head west. After spending a summer farming down in the Shields River Valley, she fell in love with Montana’s plains, mountains, flora and fauna, people, and its history. Soon after that summer, she spent a fall semester with WRFI that deepened her love and appreciation for this place. After receiving her bachelor’s degree at the University of Vermont in Environmental Studies with a focus in Ecology & Conservation, she has since worked in various field education programs from Alaska and British Columbia to Los Angeles and Costa Rica. She later returned as a WRFI intern and is now very excited to continue working for WRFI in their office, hoping to connect with students and get more people out in the field learning about their surroundings. She is currently pursuing her graduate degree studying Environmental Education at the University of Montana and is looking forward to connecting her time working with WRFI to what she learns in the classroom.