Spencer Vieira


Born in the Pacific Northwest, Spencer’s love for ecology and conservation was ignited amidst the sun-scorched deserts of the Southwest, the snowy peaks of the Rockies, and the lush, towering forests of his childhood. His experiences, from guiding river expeditions and backcountry packing to leading remote scientific research teams, fostered a profound understanding of the intricate ties between humans and the land. Using his guiding experience, Spencer facilitates the development of wilderness skills and risk management in others, empowering them to build their own relationships with wild places. Passionate about the interdependence of natural systems and humans, he developed a keen interest in the nuances of forest and fire ecology, anchoring his work in forest stewardship within the pressing lens of climate change. Spencer employs his rich practical experience to guide others on their own journey of experiential learning, emphasizing the historic reciprocity between people and the land and uncovering the transformative effects of wildfire and fire-use. By nurturing the next generation of environmental stewards, he fosters reverence for the natural world and reinforces our ongoing bond with the land, thereby shaping a compassionate and informed future that acknowledges the inherent kinship between humans and the more-than-human world.