Zac Hummel


Before Zac knew any better, he had the wild idea of becoming an engineer. His thought was to play a part in the renewable energy revolution, though soon realized the industry was not working towards the type of systemic change he was hoping to be a part of. So he quit. After spending time traveling throughout North and South America, he found a direction with environmental education.

Zac is currently finishing his master’s degree in international Conservation and Development at the University of Montana, with a graduate certificate in Natural Resource Conflict Resolution. He recently finished his fieldwork in Chilean Patagonia, which will contribute to his thesis on collaborative governance structures. Basically, he is curious about how to involve people in environmental decisions that impact their community.

In the near term, he sees himself both teaching and facilitating dialogue around environmental conflicts. On his own time, he likes to rock climb, play music, and learn about how our global capitalist system functions.