February 7, 2013

I studied at Evergreen (a long time ago) as an undergraduate, and I sneaked into some of these graduate environmental studies courses to see what the fuss was about. They were some of the best experiences I had at Evergreen. I credit Evergreen’s seminar approach to learning for setting me up well for professional life – especially teaching at WRFI. If you are looking for a program that is focused on forging better futures for our landscapes and communities – this one DOES it. – Dave Morris

The Graduate Program on the Environment at The Evergreen State College is a unique, interdisciplinary program in Olympia, Washington that will enter its 30th year in Fall 2013.  Students use natural and social sciences to study and solve environmental problems through required core courses, electives, internships, independent study, and a thesis.  Graduates go on to work in government, policy, natural resources, nonprofits, environmental education, and sustainable business.  The two-year program is made for experiential learners—classes are in the evenings leaving time for jobs, internships, and volunteer experiences.  We recognize that the best environmental solutions come from a wide variety of perspectives–that is why we accept all majors, and why our students, who come to us from across the US and abroad, represent a wide range of ages, cultures and expertise.

The Graduate Program on the Environment‘s priority deadline for Fall 2013 is next Friday, February 15.  After that date, we’ll accept students on a rolling basis, so it’s not too late to apply!