Issue Update: Montanans Testify about Coal Train Impacts

Students from Cycle the Rockies will remember Ressa Charter, the latest of the great conservation activists from the Charter family, who host us on their ranch north of Billings. Ressa traveled to Spokane to testify about proposals for greatly increased coal mining and shipping mean to the real people and real landscapes in Montana. The public comment

Issue Update: Colleges and Universities De-Funding Fossil Fuel Industries

This encouraging word comes from the Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. AASHE is a great organization to keep tabs on for study, work, and issue advocacy opportunities. (You can sign up for email updates on their website.) Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaigns on the Rise Fossil fuel divestment campaigns are active at about

Issue Update: Senator Tester and the Hunters

Interesting natural resource politics in one of the crucial senate races in the West. Check out the comments below for a very lively interaction between the author and several activist readers. Sportsmen sealed reelection for Sen. Jon Tester Other notes: Sen. Tester is an organic farmer from Big Sandy, and was a speaker on our