Tucker Kinne: Horseshoe Canyon

Everything is still. The junipers and pinons rustle in the breeze. The sand remains motionless as a lizard scurries over it, then disappears into it’s hole. The sun bakes my skin and the tan Navajo sandstone as it rests high in the cloudless blue cerulean sky. Yes, this is natural beauty at it’s finest, but

Alumni Update: Cory Zyla, Cycle the Rockies 2008

April 12, 2013
WRFI loves hearing about our alumni’s adventures after their course. Cory Zyla was a student on 2008′s Cycle the Rockies: Energy and Climate Change in Montana course. This excerpt from an e-mail he sent us shows all the places you can go with a WRFI education! ˜˜˜ WRFI is an exceptional organization. The course materials,