Ruth Crystal: Eyeing the Storm

As the winds died down, and the sun began to poke its head over the Eastern horizon, our group of eleven began to stir. Unzipping the rain fly, our eyes were met with a glistening landscape, scattered with droplets of water from the storm a few hours earlier. Thankfully, our group of eleven is full

Sam Grossman: A Strenuous Solstice

After three informative, if a bit restless days in Billings, Day Four of Cycle The Rockies finally marked the beginning of our bike tour across Montana! Although we arrived here with similar interests, specifically in climate change and sustainable living in the state in which most of us live, we come from a wide variety

Tucker Kinne: Tacheii

“Just follow their lead, this is a traditional weekly practice many Navajos observe,” Alex our intern commented.  Sauntering along the well packed dirt roads in Crystal, NM, we walked towards the tacheii (Navajo for sweat lodge).  The sun was beginning to disappear over the flat horizon, leaving beautiful purple and orange colors in its wake.

Cody Heneghan: The Redefinition of Wild

June 10, 2013
Our courageous group has entered the last leg of our trip. To plunge into the depths of dark canyon and see what wonders await us among the canyon walls. Whenever I am about to go into the back country I always ask myself this one question. Where will the wild things be? During the earlier