Lucas Thompson: Awake My Body

There are days that wear on along the trail. Days of kicking up dust, feet dragging, and eyes on the hot and dusty (trail). Observation and attentiveness has hit zero capacity and the vision of the camp chair and a cup of tea becomes fixated within the mind. The first day of entering into Dark

Christer Wheat: Navajo Sweat

While crawling on my hands and knees through the threshold of a traditional Navajo sweat lodge, a rush of extreme heat accompanied by utter excitement consumed me.  I have spent countless hours in saunas and steam rooms at gyms and at home, but this was different, this felt authentic and raw.  Once inside this smoldering

Ruth Crystal: Wrangling Meat

Coming from a family of vegetable enthusiasts, meat has never been a center point in terms of meal planning or meeting nutritional needs. When I do eat meat, however, I try to buy organic, humanely treated, local meat whenever possible. That way my carbon footprint and moral conscience can be somewhat eased. I was always

Henry Gates: Two Cultures Apart

Water is the source of life; we have fought over it, prayed for it, and even drowned ourselves in it. Man has manipulated water ever since he has been on Earth. Whether people used water to irrigate in the Fertile Crescent, diverted it to make pyramids, praying to Gods, or dammed it up. Our group