Issue Update: Jumbo Glacier Resort Proposal

Our Summer Semester course visits the Jumbo Creek area of British Columbia’s Kootenay Range that would be impacted by a gigantic ski resort proposal.  It is a highly contentious issue involving numerous ecological, cultural, economic, and policy variables – a great forum for learning about all these subjects. We encourage students and alumni to stay or

Issue Update: Colleges and Universities De-Funding Fossil Fuel Industries

This encouraging word comes from the Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. AASHE is a great organization to keep tabs on for study, work, and issue advocacy opportunities. (You can sign up for email updates on their website.) Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaigns on the Rise Fossil fuel divestment campaigns are active at about

Issue Update: Senator Tester and the Hunters

Interesting natural resource politics in one of the crucial senate races in the West. Check out the comments below for a very lively interaction between the author and several activist readers. Sportsmen sealed reelection for Sen. Jon Tester Other notes: Sen. Tester is an organic farmer from Big Sandy, and was a speaker on our

Catie DeMets: This is my Classroom

I stood in the waning, golden sunlight of Montana, looking out at the fields that stretched towards Custer National Forest on the horizon. Out there, on the border of the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, I felt a sense of peace, a sweeping openness, that has attracted hunters and ranchers to this place for hundreds of

Poetry of Place: Alaska Rainforest 2012 Group Poem

November 7, 2012
Going home but never forgetting, I rose in a rainforest every morning. Thinking back to the crescendo of ecology, the harmony of nature, the syncopation of landscape, the rhythm of wilderness. It’s beauty will forever call to me for I find I cannot live without thee. Dig your spirit in the sand and consider that

Rae Fitzpatrick: In Balance at Stillwater

Let’s face it.  We need resources.  In a perfect world we could leave the forests and plains untouched and pristine.  It’s not a perfect world.  People concerned about the environment often forget this fact.  They use resources just like everyone else, but protest using damming rivers for hydroelectric power and mining for minerals that power