Emma Thompson: The Long Road

The past week has been nothing short of a whirlwind adventure, pun very much intended. We’ve spent countless hours over the last several days fighting uphill against blustering headwinds that have pushed my morale to the limit, yet still provided a welcomed challenge. I have been given the unique opportunity to interact with individuals in

Morgan Krakow: Intentional Detours

June 27, 2017
The American way is innovation. Lightbulbs, modern democracy, telegraphs, the postal service – the U.S. spirit of progress has plastered the nation’s history. And in many ways, the American West finds itself at the forefront of today’s innovative spirit, rooted in the longstanding values of frontier, exploration and a departure from the everyday. Swap Edison

Sra Feigelman: Growing through disturbance

June 25, 2017
I snapped into consciousness by a cold gust of wind and a smattering of rain across my face. The fly of our tent, the only thing that had separated us from the storm that bore down upon us, had cast off into the wind. It was my second night in Horseshoe Canyon, and my second

Eleanor Babcock: The Beauty of Backpacking

June 22, 2017
“Look down at your legs,” Isa’s positive voice exclaimed. “They brought you here!” Twelve days hiking through the chocolate silted waters of the Dirty Devil River Canyon had induced sore muscles, blistered toes, and soil streaked faces, but also incredibly happy campers. Isa made sure to proclaim our collaborative success as we looked out over

Garrett Hartley: Life of a Dammed River

June 10, 2017
It was extremely energy draining as I sat in the WRFI van melting into my seat due to the extreme heat we experienced while driving into northern Arizona to Navajo Bridge. Upon arriving at Lee’s Ferry campground I was forced to leave the air conditioned van into the even hotter and drier world outside. Coming

Ella Mighell: Beyond Bioregionalism

June 2, 2017
  Halfway through our Green River, Labyrinth Canyon final section, we stopped at Trin Alcove for a layover day to work on our final papers and take in our surroundings. Midday we were given some “silent solo” time, a specifically non-academic chunk of time to hike up one of the three side canyons, find a