“More Fire, Less Ice” by Jack Whamond

“More Fire, Less Ice” was Daniel Lombardi’s summary of the effects of climate change in Glacier. Daniel is a Communications Specialist for Glacier National Park whom we met with to discuss climate change in the park. Between 1966 and 2015, the last summer the USGS was able to effectively map the glaciers, every single named

Don’t Just Judge, Listen by Alyson Ogden

Sitting in a rodeo box in Augusta, Montana, I am reflecting on the juxtaposition of cultures we’ve experienced on our ride across Montana so far. This morning we spoke with Hal Herring, an avid hunter and environmentalist with a deep Alabama drawl. Along the way we’ve met activists whose chosen method of communication is theater,

Fire is a major player in the climate-driven ecosystem changes occurring in Glacier National Park By Ben Carlson

As we arrived at our campsite in Glacier National Park after a breathtaking ride over Logan Pass on the Continental Divide, I felt as though I was home. Glacier’s ecosystem is strikingly similar to that of my hometown of Breckenridge, CO. Both places are strikingly beautiful, yet prone to intense wildfires that are growing more

Acknowledging the relationships we hold with the land, people and its other inhabitants By Seneca Norvell

Helen Augare-Carlson felt confused when she first heard the land acknowledgement of her alma mater, the University of Montana in Missoula. A Blackfeet educator, Augare expected a recognition of the relationships the Salish and Kalispel and the university have with the land the university now stands on. Instead, the statement declares that the land the
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