Resilient communities are better able to weather economic and climate change By Rachel French

The Cream of the West warehouse smelled like fresh breakfast cereal. In the sparsely furnished warehouse there were big metal bins and conveyer belts—the roaster, the cooler and the packaging machine. Alicia Moe, the general manager of Cream of the West, explained that the machines that make this business possible were brought to Harlowton in

Losing the whitebark is more than losing a species by Jayden Skelly

As we approached 9000 feet on the third day of our first backpacking trip, we entered a new ecosystem unknown to our group. Forests dominated by spruce and firs ceded into another forest dweller—the whitebark pine (pinus albicaulis). Only found within high-elevation environments, this tree is remarkable in every sense. Witnessing impacts to the species
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