Speaker Update: Radical Farmer Randy Ramsley

January 24, 2013
Students on our Colorado Plateau Semester course know Randy Ramsley well. He has built a vibrant farm on some very rough land near Hanksville, Utah. Agricultural experts told him it was impossible to grow anything in the poor soils of his property. But over that last decade Randy has carefully built up those soils with

Michaela Brumbaugh: A Testimonial, a Journal Entry, and a Poem

WRFI loves receiving updates from our alumni!  It’s particularly meaningful to hear about how their courses have impacted their lives once they’re back at home.  Michaela is a University of Arizona student and participated on WRFI’s 2012 “Wild Rockies Summer Semester.” ————————————- When Bethany Swanson first came into my anthropology class, the upper division course that

Ben Schubert: Life After WRFI

January 21, 2013
WRFI loves hearing about our alumni’s adventures after their course. Ben Schubert was a student on 2012’s Colorado Plateau: Desert Canyons and Cultures course. This excerpt from an e-mail he sent us shows all the places you can go with a WRFI education! _______________ As outrageous as it sounds I passed up a position as

Colorado Plateau Naturalist of the Day Excerpt

On the Colorado Plateau: Desert Canyons and Cultures course, students take turns being the Naturalist of the Day, writing down their observations of the natural and cultural history of the place in which they are travelling. This entry by Henry Gates was written during Labyrinth Canyon of the Green River. There are still three spots available

Issue Update: Northern Cheyenne honor their ancestors’ journey

January 16, 2013
CASEY PAGE/Gazette Staff. Fort Robinson Outbreak Spiritual runners make their way down Highway 212 between Lame Deer and Busby on Monday, Jan. 14, 2013. 2 hours ago  •  By LORNA THACKERAY/Billings Gazette The few Northern Cheyenne who survived the Jan. 9, 1879, breakout from Fort Robinson, Neb., had nowhere to turn for help overcoming their nightmare of death