Canyon Culture by Lucy Bock

As the first gentle hue of daylight blends with the few stars left over from a chilly night, our fearless leader of the day opens their eyes. They stumble blindly into our outdoor kitchen, bring fresh water from a trickling seep to a boil and wake their sleepy classmates from an undisturbed slumber. Another day

Small Fires by Anna Cockey

I have seen where stars come from. They rise, tiny specks of light born from an equally illuminated world. Festering underneath furled logs, laying in wait until their home is disturbed, probed by the caress of a fellow branch, these specks burst outward in a fury of light and heat. I am one with the

Yes, it’s cold by Lexie Pickett

“So what are you guys doing in town?” We get asked this question every day in the front country, in some form or another. “We’re a college course based out of Missoula,” we answer. “We’re learning about people’s relationships with the land in Montana.” “Oh, so is that just a field trip then?” “No, we’re

The Upper Missouri Breaks: Deception through Rose-Colored Glasses by Nick McDaniel

As we paddled down the Upper River Breaks National Monument, I was constantly reminded of the Corps of Discovery’s observations recorded by Lewis and Clark regarding the presumably untouched wilderness. These documented observations are found plastered on papers, posters, and plaques along the Upper Missouri river bottom, in “baseline of wilderness statements” in our course