Austin Gilbert: Closing Thoughts

Our month-long bike tour across Montana is coming to an end. We stop for lunch just outside the park and, inevitably, go for a much-needed swim in the Flathead River. As I ease myself into the cold water, suddenly I forget my frustrations from the last couple of days. Heat, hunger, traffic, and exhaustion no

Cory Horton: Change is Possible

Over the past four weeks, I have learned a great deal about climate change. It has become apparent to me that this is the biggest and most difficult issue that the world faces today. There have been many analogies drawn between this movement and successful movements of the past. Abolition, women’s rights, the civil rights

Anna Tolle: Lessons Learned

A month ago, I left my life on hold back in Madison, Wisconsin to try something I’ve never done before. We are now at the end of our bike tour across Montana and I’m thinking about what I can do to apply what I’ve learned to my life back home. Our tour started in Billings,

Austin Gilbert: Investing in the Future

For the last three weeks, some fellow students and I have been biking across the state of Montana while studying energy production and climate change as part of the Cycle the Rockies course. As we move into the climate change section of the course, we’ve been reading “The Burning Question,” by Mike Berners-Lee and Duncan

Sara Vargo: Anyone can make an impact

One of my absolute favorite parts of this journey so far is the unbelievable people we’re meeting along the way. From ranchers to activists, coal mine employees to former Peace Corps members and even a few uncles. We met an unbelievably generous couple in Roundup who have lived their lives as artists and writers, but