Ruth Crystal: White Sulfur Springs to Townsend

July 25, 2013
After saying goodbye to the hot springs our muscles came to know and love, our group packed up and set forth on the 43-mile trek over to Townsend, Montana. The ride was beautiful! Even with the early wake up time of five in the morning, I believe I speak on behalf of everyone that the

Chase Olsen: Ring of Fire

Our two wheeled trek across the vast stretches of central Montana, and northward bound up The Rocky Mountain Front, eventually taking us into the belly of the beast that is the Crown of the Continent ecosystem, including the mythic Glacier National Park, was about gaining a more comprehensive and insightful perspective on the complex interrelations

Gianna Andrews: Hope & Fear in Helena

Surviving the stifling heat in Helena, Montana, spurred the WRFI cycling group into discussions about climate change and policy. In the meetings we attended today we were given glimpses of fear, negativity, and hope. Enduring the hot weather, we all hoped that the forecast would be correct in calling for cooler temperatures later in the