Kory Kirby: Vision for Values

Driving out of the small town of Hanksville, Utah, I gaze out my window at this foreign landscape. Various geologic formations make me think that I’m no longer on earth. James informs me that the grey coloration, and the out of this world rock formations are the Mancos shale, a sight that I have yet

Marisa Kiefaber: Mud Lessons

In the morning as we geared up for our first real day of river travel with packs on, I admit, I was not looking forward to plunging my feet into the Dirty Devil. The day started looking up when the morning sun reached our class circle, warming my bundled body. With thoughts of tar sands,

Elly Voigt: So Little Water, So Much Life

The word ‘desert’ implies ‘deserted,’ ‘forsaken,’ ‘abandoned.’ Before coming to the desert of the Colorado Plateau, I imagined this place as an expanse of lifeless rocks, with a few tumbleweeds blowing in the wind. I was shocked to find that this place is not deserted at all. This area gets only seven inches of rain

Braden Lalancette: Layover Day

It was day three in horseshoe canyon, after a grueling two miles the previous day, it was time for a layover… What exactly is a layover day? Well, the possibilities are endless, but essentially it meant that we were camping in the same (gorgeous) spot as the night before. So there was nowhere we had