Luke Taylor: April Showers

April showers bring May flowers. A saying we all learn as children, repeated to each other when spring rains keep us indoors. A phrase so benign and simple that it rolls off our tongue without commanding a second thought. In reality these five words reflect an incredibly complex and important lesson in ecological systems thinking.

Braden Lalancette: The Hopi Way

A red-tailed hawk soared above us, it’s screech echoing across the valley and off the mesa before us. As we tilled the field with mattock, rake and hoe, I couldn’t help but feel the energy of this ancient land in the air. I woke up this morning damp in a soggy down sleeping bag. It

Marisa Kiefaber: Desert Education

Along Leupp Road lies an unusual sight. Thin silver poles rise above the juniper trees and shrubs, their blades whirling in the breeze. As we turn our trusty van off the main road a slanted blue roof comes into view and we see dark reflective rectangles lining the landscape’s backdrop. This first sight of the

Mary Loomis: A Cliché Story

Leadville was nearly named Colorado’s capital. In 1880, the two-mile-high city was one of the world’s largest silver camps and boasted a population of 40,000.  Today, the population rests at 2,602 and the economy has seen a drastic decline since the closing of Climax Mine in 1980. Green River, Utah was once a notable spot