Kory Kirby: Simplify

Garbage trucks, dogs barking, lights, traffic, noise, people. Emails, phone service, Wi-Fi, TV’s, screens, connection with the world. Chaos, hecticness, stresses consuming our lives. Day by day, week by week, month by month we bite off more then we can chew. Forty to Fifty hour work weeks are common ground for a majority of society.

Austin Gilbert: So, What’s Next?

As we begin our journey out of Billings, one thing about this part of Montana quickly becomes clear: it is very sparsely populated. By humans, that is – as we ride along two-lane highways, sometimes there is little to be seen besides cow pastures and the occasional dirt road. Welcome to Big Sky country. It’s

Cory Horton: New Hope in The West

On June 10, 2015, I left Missoula, Montana headed for Billings via I-90 east. The occasion for my trip is a 28 day bike ride through central and western Montana, on which I will be accompanied by three other students and two instructors. The purpose of our almost 700 mile venture is to educate ourselves