Don’t Just Judge, Listen by Alyson Ogden

Sitting in a rodeo box in Augusta, Montana, I am reflecting on the juxtaposition of cultures we’ve experienced on our ride across Montana so far. This morning we spoke with Hal Herring, an avid hunter and environmentalist with a deep Alabama drawl. Along the way we’ve met activists whose chosen method of communication is theater,

Emi Okitsu: Irony of Climate Change

August 21, 2018
After I arrived in Augusta, MT, I received a text message from my brother who lives in Okayama, Japan. During this bike trip from Billings, MT to Glacier National Park, I didn’t have many chances to have cell service, so I couldn’t check the news of my country, Japan. My brother told me that Japan

Chloe Williamson: The Privilege of Choice

August 13, 2018
Not In My Backyard, not through the oak trees and my childhood playground, not through my favorite fig tree that produces fruit in August, not through the grass that stains my jeans and welcomes my wild running feet, and not through my neighbor’s either. Nimbyism, Not In My Backyard; defined as a term for someone

Earl Clark: Limited Priority

July 18, 2018
If we’re to take something away from our dominant fossil fuel-based energy system, it’s that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. With their subsidization, abundance, and high energy density, fossil fuels became an unprecedented way to relieve man and animal of work, so they became the energy source of ultimate convenience.
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