Lucas Thompson: The pursuit of life

The passing of time in this wild, rugged desert is not dictated by the seconds, minutes, and hours that invade human perception. Rather, it is witnessed in the stimulus and interactions between the climate, weather, geology, and biota as the tilt of the earth revolves in its global cycle around the sun. As paradoxical as

Christer Wheat: Attentiveness

According to Fleischner, an Environmental Studies professor at Prescott University, there are 8 main concepts of natural history that he lists in his short article “The Spiral of Offering”.  These concepts are attentiveness, receptivity, expression, vision, accuracy, humility, affirmation, and gratitude.  At first glance these concepts, or traits if you will, seem easy enough to

James Mauch: Apparitions of Gratitude

If the arid lands of the Colorado Plateau have offered me a single lesson, it is that an unconditional gratitude for occurrences and opportunities, both simple and profound, is necessary for complete fulfillment. Serendipity waits around every bend in the canyon and is drenched in every shallow slickrock pothole, it just requires gratitude to recognize
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